A familymanager can bring family happiness.i Placement of qualified household staff in private household.

Not all battles need to be won, but all hearts.


Fam­i­ly man­agers usu­al­ly have a ped­a­gog­i­cal train­ing and also like to work in the house­hold or man­age a fam­i­ly. In many fam­i­lies with old­er chil­dren a clas­si­cal nan­ny is not real­ly work­ing to full capac­i­ty because the chil­dren are at school or kinder­garten for a long time.

The fam­i­ly man­ag­er com­bines child­care and house­hold activ­i­ties about 50:50. She man­ages the house­hold in the morn­ings, does the shop­ping, cooks for the fam­i­ly, tidies up, does the laun­dry or iron­ing. When the chil­dren come home from school in the after­noon, the fam­i­ly man­ag­er main­ly looks after the chil­dren. She looks after the home­work, orga­nizes appoint­ments, dri­ves the chil­dren to hob­bies and after­noon activities.

Many fam­i­lies also del­e­gate the pure clean­ing activ­i­ties to a clean­er who does the basic clean­ing at least once a week.

The salary lev­els vary depend­ing on qual­i­fi­ca­tion, expe­ri­ence and region between approx. 3,000 to 4,500 euros gross in full-time employment.

More exten­sive house­work is not part of the duties of a fam­i­ly man­ag­er and is cov­ered by the housekeeper.

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