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Fami­li­en Coa­ching / Nan­ny Training

Spring clea­ning in win­ter — why not?

The children’s rooms are burs­t­ing at the seams and with San­ta Claus and Christ­mas new toys and clothes have been added. Many child­ren no lon­ger feel like play­ing in their rooms, they are too over­whel­med by the over­sup­ply on their own shel­ves. In addi­ti­on, some things are bro­ken and incom­ple­te, or have “out­grown” their own shel­ves. Actual­ly, spring is more the sea­son to clean up and do the basic clea­ning, but why not use the time in win­ter, when ever­ything is com­for­ta­b­ly at home, for an inven­to­ry of the children’s room?

Even child­ren, who have ever­ything, are always temp­ted by adver­ti­sing, shop­ping or things they see at their friends and have many wis­hes. With regard to new gifts, they can reser­ve one or two after­noons tog­e­ther with their char­ges, in which they check board games and Lego for com­ple­teness, look through books and toys to see if they are still inte­res­ting and appro­pria­te for their age. This can lead to some things being redis­co­ve­r­ed and beco­m­ing attrac­ti­ve again. It is best to pre­pa­re three lar­ge car­tons and sort them into them:

Box 1: Found some­thing you still enjoy and want to keep.
Box 2: Bro­ken, dis­card­a­ble or recyclable
Box 3: ever­ything that is still com­ple­te and in good con­di­ti­on, that you are too old for or that no lon­ger inte­rests you

The con­tents of box 2 should then be taken away immedia­te­ly. You can check box 1 again after a week and may­be some­thing can still be moved to box 3. The things in box 3 can be sold tog­e­ther with the child­ren, for examp­le, so that they have a bud­get from which they can pay for Christ­mas pres­ents for par­ents or sib­lings them­sel­ves. It is also a good idea to wrap the­se things nice­ly and dona­te them to refu­gee homes or other insti­tu­ti­ons, tog­e­ther with their age. In this way, you can bring joy to others and make room in your child’s room so that you can have more fun play­ing again.

For teen­agers, too, this can be a use­ful acti­vi­ty in the run-up to Christ­mas, whe­re clothes or com­pu­ter games can be mucked out ins­tead of toys. The sys­tem with the 3 boxes can gene­ral­ly help to keep order, for examp­le also with school things…

And when the clean-up ope­ra­ti­on is suc­cess­ful­ly com­ple­ted, wri­ting a wish list is even more fun!?